Leanne and Brett share their intimate Berkeley Fieldhouse wedding with all the unique gorgeous details.

bride and groom close up laughing with bouquet in middle

I heard a movie described as small yet grandiose in its own way. Makes me think of all the opportunities a smaller intimate wedding can have. What are your thoughts on this?

We couldn’t imagine having a big, grandiose wedding. All that mattered was that each moment provided something memorable for us and for our guests. I guess in that way the moments felt big despite a smaller setting with fewer people. We definitely felt like we got to spend a lot of time with all of our guests which is what we wanted.

We suggest crafting a wedding day that allows for you to spend as much time as possible with the people you love – while never having to feel like you are too far from each other.

bride hugging grandfather at wedding recption

bride and groom at head table smiling and making a cheers

The  getting ready photographs have such a unique beautiful mood and depth to them. What contributed to this?

We have to give all the praise to Jennifer (photographer), Don (videographer) and Farida (coordinator). They knew what to do the moment they arrived and helped us not feel so clueless. The hotel was beautiful as well which helped in the overall aesthetic but if we seemed calm and in control it’s because of the people around us who gave us confidence.

groom and best man getting ready in treehouse

groom laughing with best man

bride hugging her best bridesmaid in close up

bride and groom portrait with groom holding the brides wedding dress

bride and groom in a garden kissing

bride and groom kissing in sunshine

black and white street shot with wedding party

You look so calm, happy, fun and present in literally all the photos.  What’s your secret?

Our amazing photographer! Jennifer effortlessly captures the real moments and that’s what you see in her photos. She made us feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera so we could be ourselves and enjoy the moment. Originally we were hoping to have an engagement shoot with her as well but because of the pandemic and being in Singapore, we didn’t have that time to “practice” with her. But from the moment we met her, we felt this connection and felt confident that we could put our entire trust in her to not make us look silly.

black and white photograph of groomsmen

first look photograph of bride tapping groom in the shoulder

What were some of the biggest priorities you had going into your wedding day and how did you ensure they were accomplished?

Our biggest priority was to have fun! We wanted everyone to enjoy the food, the music, the venue and have a moment to forget about everything else and be present with us.

We also really wanted to make sure we had time with each other so we could take it all in, which is what we did after the ceremony. The treehouse acts as this mini-fortress of solitude where you can be free of the noise and just have a moment with the people you love. That may have been our favourite moment to just be together, have a glass of champagne and say “we did it!” And also “did you remember to bring the money for the officiant?” (we didn’t).

Looking back what strikes you as really cool about your wedding day? 

The venue was beautiful, everyone looked so amazing and we got lucky with the sunny weather but looking at the pictures I think we just loved seeing how much fun everyone was having on the dance floor. From the moment “take on me” started playing, it felt like everyone was out there smiling, dancing and drinking which is definitely something you always want! DJ Rich Sweet was just on fire that night…he always knew the exact next song to play to keep everyone singing and dancing. We’ve been calling him the dance floor whisperer.

Why the Berkeley Fieldhouse? How did the wedding venue  fit the requirements you had and meet your vision?

It was always going to be the Berkeley Fieldhouse. We love the venue because it’s in the city but somehow feels like you’re outside of it. It was perfect for a fun, romantic and intimate wedding. We couldn’t imagine getting married anywhere else.

How would you describe your wedding ceremony experience?

The ceremony was beautiful and a lot of fun! Tade (The Marrying Lady) was great in the days leading up to the ceremony. Since we didn’t have time for a rehearsal, she was actually walking us through it via Skype and that gave us confidence the day of. What you can’t plan for is the power of the emotions that run through you as you’re standing in front of the love of your life. Tade moved around us to make sure we were always the star of the show and really knew how to get the most out of the guests. Everyone loved it and the pictures show lots of smiles in the audience so I guess they all had as much fun as we did.

Love the postcards and the prompt to share travel suggestions, so creative and fun. What’s the story behind how this came together?

We wanted something different than a standard guestbook. We love to travel and we live abroad so we thought it would be fun to have our guests choose a postcard to share their well wishes and a travel suggestion. We chose postcard locations for the places we have traveled to or would like to travel to someday!

wedding table with vintage postcards

What is the story of your stunning wedding dress?

My dress is Martin Thornburg and I bought it at Kleinfeld. I only spent one day dress shopping and this was the last dress I tried on. I wanted something romantic, flowy and comfortable and this dress checked all the boxes. I felt great in it and was able to eat and dance all night!

bride looking at her vintage dress hanging up on mirror

mother of bride doing up back of brides dress

close up of vintage wedding dress trail

Your wedding had a beautiful confident style! What were some of the steps to this?

As soon as we had an aesthetic in mind, it made the decisions fairly straight-forward. We wanted everything to feel connected, from the flowers to the table settings to the music. Having a clear idea from the beginning certainly made it easy and it felt great at the end of the night seeing it come to life without a hitch – mostly anyways haha.

wedding ceremony flowers in case by chair

wedding ceremony alter with sparkly lights

There is an integrated seamless beautiful feeling to the design of your wedding. What do you think were some of the key elements that accomplished this?

We were inspired by the venue and it’s outdoor elements so we went with colours and decor that felt like they belonged there. We wanted it to feel romantic and effortless. Even though we had to postpone our wedding twice and change it from a summer wedding to a fall wedding, we were able to seamlessly transition everything and keep the overall style. I’m just glad we didn’t go with Brett’s idea to have confetti and a dry ice machine lol.

head table with geometric candles

tray if cupcakes with same cake on top

flowers in vases on staircase

geometric table decor with bouquet in it

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