Rosetta Li Photography shares Rubina & Arjun’s romantic and captivating Berkeley Church Toronto wedding.
wedding graphic in frame on historic church

Interview with Toronto bride Rubina :

What role did you play in planning and designing your wedding and what skills and inspiration did you draw on in the process?

I planned our wedding entirely on my own. I decided not the hire a planner because I had a very clear vision of the day and I’m super meticulous. In order to accomplish this, I had to be ultra organized. Excel and checklists kept me on track, and also delegating tasks to family and friends was a big help! Don’t be afraid to ask for help! I also met with and selected all our vendors, who were all superstars.

Looking back at your wedding day what continues to be some of the best decisions you made in the planning process?

I was really pleased with how everything came together and that was a huge credit to the venue and the vendors I went with. With the Berkeley Church, it’s so beautiful as is so our decor was more complimentary to the stunning surroundings. I would suggest not to go overboard on the decor. We decided that we wouldn’t hold back on fun extras such as a snow cone stand, candy bar, photo booth and late night snacks. I don’t regret splurging on those because it made the reception so much more fun and memorable for our guests. We also had unique name cards which were lazer cut wood pieces of each guests’ name. We still see them displayed at family and friends homes to this day!

How would you describe your wedding style and the wedding experience you wanted and successfully created for your family and guests?

We wanted our wedding to complement our lifestyle, but also respect our Indian roots and heritage. The rustic surroundings of the church combined with the delicate décor and soft and rich hues created the perfect intimate setting. We chose hues like blush pink, gold and white, but also had punches of colour such as bright teal Indian saris for my bridesmaids. We splurged on florals to give a more romantic feel.

close up of bridal bouquet

historic venue stage with marquee letters and floral arrangements with wedding cake

What advice would you give a newly engaged couple ?

I would say don’t compromise on the things that are important to you. You want to look back on your wedding day without any regrets because it’s a day that you won’t ever get back! I know everyone says this, but enjoy every moment. It’s probably one of the only days that you’ll have everyone in your life that you love in the same room together. Try to take a moment and soak it all in.

What is the story of your stunning lengha ?

The gold two piece lengha was designed in Toronto and made in India, through Sahiba Fashions. Typically, Hindu brides wed in red, but it has been a family tradition for generations to wear gold so I wanted to keep that tradition in the family.

bride and groom infant of rustic background with a plan tree

Interview with Rosetta Li Photography : 

Your wedding couple was romantic and their wedding had lots of meaningful elements with elegant styling throughout the venue. What was your process for documenting so throughly and expertly the whole day ?

I knew that the bride has designed the whole wedding on her own so each and every small detail of the wedding is important so I made sure that I captured all the finest detail of her day.

bride and groom cutting wedding cake

How do you work with your couples to get the memorable portraits they dream of?

I have done their engagement session with them so I had an idea the type of poses that they like and the style of photos that they like best.

Couples can tell you what they want pictures of and there are moments that clearly need to be documented but nobody can tell you what to look for moment to moment. 

traditional hindu wedding couple kissing outside their venue

bride and groom in traditional hindu wedding outfits infront of historic venue door

How have you cultivated your instinct for capturing which wedding moments are special ?

I have been shooting weddings professionally for a long time so I have a good idea what type of moments to look for for all the shots 🙂

wedding couple in traditional hindu wedding clothes in romantic dance move in tree lined street

How would you describe this beautiful Toronto wedding in three words ?

captivating, stunning, inspiring

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