Trish and Melinda’s Intimate Love filled Downtown Toronto stylish wedding shared by Luna Weddings Photography.

What strikes you as a great decision your couple made in planning their day that paid off?

I think my personality and my work is what sets me apart and leaves my couples satisfied with what I’m able to capture on their day. Even before the big day, I’m always communicating and I think I’m a very open and fun person and I genuinely love capturing people’s moments and experiences on their days and being an extrovert, it’s very easy to make people comfortable around me and I think that is a bonus— especially with wedding days, you want someone who is professional, fun and passionate about what they do and I think I bring that to the table to all my weddings in order to leave the couple happy with their photos.

How do you strike a balance between the plan you have for documenting a wedding day and remaining flexible for opportunities that come up ? 

The day of the wedding is a day in which many have planned for what seems forever. In my experience I think the day of the wedding doesn’t always go as planned and it’s crucial that the couple and the vendors have that idea present because the day of the wedding will all happen very quickly but the mindset to have is everything go smoothly at its own pace and to maintain patience as well as to know how to control unexpected changes. One of the things that helps me is that my personality and energy since it brings ease to the couple and I also always try to find the best solution to any challenges that are faced on the wedding day.

What did your couple communicate to you when they first saw their wedding album ?

They were very happy with their album! They were happy with their session and how natural it was like— documenting their wedding authentically and making sure they were comfortable and happy was crucial to make sure the photos turned out perfect for their album.


What makes an exceptional wedding portraits ?

I think the attitude you have the day of the session is really important. If you trust your photographer and you’re able to create a connection with the couple, then the portraits are going to be natural and authentic, which is important when capturing a moment in a photograph.

Looking back what makes you smile and reminisce fondly about this wedding ? 

It was a very bright wedding— I loved seeing the couple in love and their friends and families supporting them in such a happy time. I remember that the couple trusted me in capturing their day and it made it much easier to capture really good photos from such a beautiful wedding.



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