Super Sexy romantic Love filled Airship37 wedding shared by Patricia and Mike.

Your dress is absolutely stunning and dazzling. What is the story behind it ? 

I actually started with my earrings first, I dreamed of wearing emerald green droplet earrings like Angelina Jolie. So when I was looking for my dress I was trying to build off the earrings and find a dress that was classically glam. When I found this dress I absolutely fell in love with its train. Since I really didn’t want to look like a typical flashy bride – this train allowed for the rest of the dress to be simple, so that my face, earrings and body could stand out more and allow me to feel sexy and beautiful without being too in your face.

What were some of the reasons you selected  a downtown urban venue for your  wedding day and created a wonderful contrast with a nature inspired location for your pre ceremony wedding day portraits?  

Like my dress I really wanted a venue that would stand out and not feel like your typical wedding at a winery or golf course.

I wanted the rawness of an industrial style building that can be made moody and romantic with touches of greenery, candlelight and string lights.

I chose a few different places for our photos because I felt it added layers to the day and allowed for us to bring together the greenery nature elements and the urban feel of the distillery into Airship37 for our actual wedding ceremony and reception.

What were the best decisions you make for your wedding ceremony and how did you have the experience you wanted ? 

It was so important to me to have a ceremony that was incredibly romantic. I purposely chose a fall wedding because I always dreamed of having a candlelit ceremony, so I scheduled our ceremony to happen at 5:30 pm while the sun was setting so the room darkened as the ceremony went on. I surrounded us in a circle of candles and had candles down the aisle so the room could be full of candlelight for our ceremony. Then the greenery on the back wall to ground us and bring more warmth to the space. The “You + Me” sign was the personal touch that I wanted to bring an even more romantic personal side to the wedding. But, my favourite part of our ceremony was our officiant. Prior to our wedding she sent a series of questions about ourselves and our story, which she then put into a whole love story and read to our guests for our ceremony.

All of these elements were personally chosen to bring an element of romance to our wedding and to connect to the theme of our wedding, which was ‘famous love stories throughout history’ with our love story being one of those greatest stories.


You had beautiful foliage and greenery in your wedding design that was expertly integrated with the whole wedding decor scheme. What inspired this design and the striking bouquets ?  

Green has always been my favourite colour, so I always knew I wanted green, gold and white to be our wedding colours. There is something about the simplicity of greenery on its own that has always spoken to me. It grounds the room and allows for all the other special details to shine brighter. To save money, I kept our bridesmaids bouquet very simple with the baby’s breath surrounded by eucalyptus, but I think it was one of the best decisions that I made because they complemented their dresses perfectly and allowed for the different styles of dresses to catch your eye. With that being said, I was absolutely in love with my bouquet – again keeping things simple I wanted only white flowers with foliage to allow for the white to pop. It matched my dress and was the perfect accessory with the emerald green ribbon to tie in with my earrings and my wedding colours.

As a couple you had some epic, candid wedding day portraits captured throughout the day. What were some of your favourites that capture your personalities and relationship? 

I am absolutely in love with our first look, it was such an intimate moment and one I will never forget. I believe our photographers did the most perfect job at capturing our love and joy in that moment. It’s really difficult to pick just one or even a few because I am in love with every photo. But, I really love all of the photos from our ceremony or first entrance/dance or just our expressions during speeches. We were filled with so much joy that day and you can really see that shine through these moments. Also, any picture with our wedding party I would say were my most favourite moments because we were surrounded by the people we love most in this world and just having the best time of our lives. My favourite photo of the batch is the one where we were popping the confetti in the distillery district.

Every detail of your wedding day looked unique and intentional to reflect your personalities and the enjoyment of your guests. How did you achieve this so well ? 

I’ve been dreaming of my wedding day since I was a little girl, but have been collecting ideas and pinterest boards for the past 15 years haha. Every detail was meticulously selected. But, the biggest things we focused on were the music and the food. We really wanted our guests to have the best experience ever so we hand selected the majority of our music to ensure our guests would not leave the dance floor all night and we wanted our food to be delicious and unique, which is why we added in a popcorn bar for during the cocktail hour. We were also very lucky with all of the speeches, every person’s speech was personal and touching without dragging on and I may be biased but we had the most outstanding emcee which kept things fun and on schedule throughout the night so that we could get to the dancing portion asap.

The range of mood and feel in the wedding day photos was wonderful, ranging from a glamorous editorial style to a candid playful feel. How do you feel this was achieved? 

Most of all I think this was achieved because we chose the most amazing photographers. Mike and I both have a dramatic/silly side to us and our photographers really did such an amazing job at playing off that. I always knew I wanted pictures with Mike and I under my veil, so I prompted those, but the way our photographer guided us with the different angles and facial expressions is how we achieved those extremely glamorous and stunning photos. Most of all I think it was the fact that we are so comfortable together that allowed us to seamlessly switch between being sickenly in love in one moment to being playful and laughing the next. I am so impressed with the range of photos we received, our photographers captured our pure joy exactly.

What elements of your day did you prioritize during your planning process that you feel were actualized effectively?

 I prioritized every last detail and wanted everything to be perfect haha. I can’t express enough how perfectly everything was actualized. There was not one hiccup and the day was seriously like a fairytale. There were several moments during dinner while I was sitting at the head table and I just looked out at the space and cried because I could not get over how STUNNING the space looked and how it was everything I ever dreamed of. It was seriously the most magical day of my life.

If I had to pinpoint one thing that I really focused on with the Berkeley Coordinator and that was the positioning of the tables. I really wanted my whole wedding party and their partners to sit with us and I was also concerned about having too many tables on the dance floor that would have to be broken down later. I wanted the dance floor really open throughout the night. When I walked into the space I was so impressed with how they executed everything and it was exactly how I imagined it. It was so special to me to have all our friends and their partners with us at the head table and made the night all the more fun.

I really wanted the wedding to have a romance feel to it, which is why I made the theme of our wedding ‘famous love stories throughout history’. Ever since I was a little girl I would read all of the love stories and dream of finding my prince charming. So I wanted to incorporate some of these love story influences throughout our wedding, which I did by naming each table after a couple and including their love story on the back for guests to read. I also played famous love theme songs from romance movies during our ceremony.

I felt these little touches added a little something extra to the wedding and was a beautiful reminder for our guests of all the love in the world and that Mike and I are now living our own love story.

The evening’s festivities and celebrations had a festive, fun memorable feeling to it. What was the feedback you got from your guests and family about their experience ? 

It was so important to us that our wedding was a PARTY as it was the first big celebration many of our guests were getting to go to after being locked up during COVID for so long. Our guests expressed to us so many times how it was one of the best weddings they’ve been to and were in awe of the beautiful unique space, the delicious food, the amazing ceremony and reception speeches and most of all great dance party!

Looking back, what were some of your favourite wedding moments ?  

Looking back I’d have to say the ceremony is something I will never forget and was so intimate and special to me. Looking at my husband and out at all our guests in that beautiful space is something that brings me so much joy and I will always remember.

The whole day was an experience though and just getting to be around our closest friends and family all day to celebrate our love is something I will cherish forever.

Lastly, my father-daughter dance was so fun and special to me. Unfortunately, this was not captured by the photographers because I did not book them that long. But, it was such a sweet dance that I keep going back to watch the video of it. Overall our wedding was outstanding and everything I ever dreamed of, it was my fairytale and I am just so grateful to everyone that helped to make it a reality.

Photography: Willow + Birch Photo & Cacie Carroll Photography

Venue: Airship37

Officiant: Lisa Myers, Memorable Ceremonies 

DJ: Musically in Motion

Wedding dress: Pearl Bridal House

Makeup: Michele Gomes

Flowers & DOC: Earl Grey Events 

Custom Suits: Tolo Clothier 

Bridesmaid Dresses: The Dessy Group