Sam and Laura’s bright, colourful romantic Airship37 Wedding.

Interview with Sam and Laura

What did you want your wedding ceremony experience to be like for you and your guests?

We wanted it to feel intimate and special, which was why we had Laura’s uncle perform the ceremony.

What made you choose Airship37 for your wedding day?

We originally chose Airship37 because we loved the aesthetic of the venue with the airstream bus outside, and the location that would be easy for guests. As well, our planned guestlist prior to the pandemic was a bit higher and Airship37 accommodated that. When we had to downsize I was worried that the space would feel empty, but the staff did a perfect job of setting everything up so it still looked really full despite us having about half the guests we had intended originally.

You have such a great range of moods, backdrops and striking style in your wedding portraits. What were some of the key factors  in this success?

Definitely the main key factor would be Ema. She is such a fantastic photographer and we knew from our engagement photos that we would not be disappointed in how the wedding photos turned out. As well, being able to take our photos in the Distillery District really helped as the area has so many options for backdrops and is just so gorgeous. I know it can be considered a bit of a cliché spot for people to take wedding photos in Toronto, but for good reason – they turn out great!

Looking back, what were some of your favourite wedding moments?

Having some downtime with our bridal party at the venue after taking photos and before guests arrived was nice. We all had a drink and just got to hang out for a bit before things got crazy again. Also having taken our photos before the ceremony allowed us to mingle and catch up with our guests during the cocktail hour, which was amazing, especially as we hadn’t seen many of them since the pandemic began.

What advice would you give a newly engaged couple for planning their wedding?

To make a list of the 3 most important factors that you want in your wedding, especially if you are on a budget. We received this advice from one of our bridesmaids and it was so helpful! Focusing on your three most important items and not getting bogged down by all the rest will help you plan and know where to spend money and where to save. For us, we knew we wanted an amazing dj who would understand our musical tastes while keeping our guests on the dancefloor, a venue that we could add style touches to but that looked good on its own so that decorating wouldn’t be a bog hassle, and really good food that our guests would be raving about later.

What is your beautiful wedding dress story?

I had been looking at different dress labels online and narrowed it down to a few that I really liked and were within my budget. Then I saw on Instagram that Sash and Bustle was having a trunk show for the label I liked the most, so I scheduled an appointment and my mom flew in to Toronto from Montreal to go with me. They had me pick out the first few dresses that I wanted to try on myself, to get an idea of the style I was interested in. This dress ended up being the first one I tried on, and immediately loved. I tried on a few others but none compared, so it was an easy choice!

question for Photographer : Ema Suvajac :

What is the most essential skill set a photographer can work on to show up for a wedding day in the best possible way?

There are many essential skills when it comes to being a photographer and running a photography business. A photographer needs a blend of both technical skill and experience, and they should also have the right mindset to be able to show up in the best possible way on a couples’ wedding day. Aside from the technical and artistic aspects of photography, a wedding photographer should be organized and prompt.  We often end up being the de facto time keepers of the day and our couples being on time relies on us doing our job within the allotted time, and us keeping everyone on track.  Conversely, a photographer should not be too rigid and also be able to go with the flow and make quick last-minute decisions if necessary – because we all know that wedding days rarely go exactly according to plan!  My list could go one, however I will leave it at one more thing – a photographer should ideally have great people skills and emotional intelligence in order to be able to read their couple and react accordingly.  Some couples are nervous and need a calming presence on their wedding day, other couples may feel stressed when a timeline shifts or something doesn’t go according to plan.  As one of the only vendors that’s typically at a couples’ side for most of the day, a great asset as a photographer is to be able to read your client and help them in whatever way you can throughout the day!

Looking back at your couple’s album, which moments captured in photos strike you as communicating the essence of your couples relationship?

Every couple is different and has a different dynamic – and bringing that out in the photos is something that I love in my job as a photographer!  One of the most memorable moments for me was Sam and Laura’s first look.  When Sam saw Laura the tears began and you could just see all of the love and affection that they have for one another in those images. I also love all the more silly candids taken throughout the day!!

Your couple with their vendor team made some very good design and planning choices that brought out the potential of the venue. How did you bring out these good decisions in your album?

My philosophy is to photograph everythingggg! I love capturing the “bigger picture” (i.e. wide shots of the venue and decor) and then focusing in on all the little details, captured from various angles.  Before I began photographing weddings over a decade ago, I never realized the level of detailed planning and design that goes into a wedding day.  My goal as a wedding photographer is to capture all of the little details in order to bring the ambiance of the day to life in the couples’ images.

What were your couples biggest priorities for their day and how did you align these aspirations with your photographic approach?

Sam and Laura were very easy going and very down to earth – which makes for a fun day!  Like most couples, candid photos were important to them – of not just the two of them together but also of their family and friends.  As a photographer my goal is to capture the moments in between the moments – Friends laughing, family smiling, chatting, and enjoying themselves, grandparents dancing and laughing… I want my couples to look back on their wedding day and remember and all the people who took part in their celebration.


Event Planner : Alyssa & Co. Events

How would you describe the wedding style of this stunning wedding in three words ?

Laura wanted something colourful and tropical. Sam wanted a casual flow. They both really wanted a good time. Laura’s vision was achieved through the florals and decor. Sam’s vision was achieved by the flow of the cocktail hour and both of their visions was achieved by good music, good food, and good company!

What were some of your couples biggest priorities for their wedding day and how did you help them actualized these ?

The couple’s main focus was for their guests to have a great time. They had guests coming from out of town and they wanted their wedding to be memorable for them.

That gorgeous rustic flower wall ! What was the inspiration behind this ?

The couple really wanted to utilize the in-house shelf as their backdrop for their ceremony and then repurposing it for their head table backdrop. We added a pop of colour to really brighten up the space and floating candles to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Their daytime ceremony was bright and colourful and come nighttime, it was very romantic.

You fully utilized all the unique different spaces in airship37 and had a nice flow in the wedding day with a seamless design aesthetic throughout . How did you accomplish this ? 

We have worked at many of the Berkeley Eventspace and are always intrigued by how unique and multifunctional the spaces are. We love that Airship37 has both an indoor and outdoor space and when weather permits, it’s a no-brainer to use every inch of the space. We used the Gooderham Lounge for the ceremony and while we flipped that space for reception, the guests were welcomed to an indoor/outdoor cocktail hour that took place in Gooderham Lounge and on the Patio/Deck. Guests were welcomed to enjoy both spaces and encouraged to take photos on the Silver Bus! Once the flip was complete, we opened the garage doors and welcomed the guests inside. Had they not done an informal receiving (floating and mingling during cocktail hour), we would have left the garages closed following the flip and forced the traffic back into Gooderham Lounge for a formal receiving line, down the hallway and back into the Hanger for reception. That’s the nice thing about the space- you can do so much with it!

What really stands out as an excellent choice in the wedding planning period that really actualized as a great decision on the wedding day? 

Keeping the couple true to themselves. Both Sam and Laura are very hardworking. They live fast paced lives in downtown Toronto. Though they work hard, they play harder. Their family and friends are everything to them and keeping everything “casual and fun” but still elegant was the goal. We achieved that by creating a casual and fun atmosphere. The flow of the day/evening was easy. The colourful florals added a pop of fun and the evening ambience added all the elegance. It was perfect for them in every way.

How did your couple add in fun wedding experience details for their guests that reflected their personalities and made it a personalized experience?

They had a Latte Booth which served specialty coffees at dessert time. They enjoy traveling together and often go to Montreal to spend time with Laura’s family so they used an World Globe for their Guest Book.

What was the best advice you gave your couple for their wedding day?

SOAK IT ALL IN. It’s something I tell all our couples. It’s why we’re there. The day goes by so quickly and it’s so important for the couple to soak every single moment in. Anything that needs attention logistically gets brought to us and anything the couple or their family needs assistance with can also be redirected to us. It allows them to fully be present and create beautiful memories together.


Photographer : Ema Suvajac

Florals : Stok Florals

Officiant : Ange Kanavas

Event Planner : Alyssa & Co. Events

Hari and Makeup : Toronto Beauty Group

Dj Lighting Sound : Lucie Tik  

Latte Booth : Latte Booth

Suit : Indochino

Dress : Willow By Watters Sash and Bustle

Decor and Floral accessories Stok Floral and The Event Shoppe

Candles: Yummi Candles

Wedding Prints : Leana Perkins