Jenny and Tanner’s Modern garden themed Romantic Airship37 wedding.

What was the feeling you wanted to have during your ceremony and what were the best decisions you made to achieve this ?

My husband and I were going for a relaxed ceremony where we were able to express our love to one another. We wanted to write our own vows in order to personalize our ceremony.

We also wanted to make sure we were really focused on each other and no one else. Again I think writing our own vows allowed us to achieve this by reading our vows to each other.

What were some of the ways you communicated your unique love story through the experience of your wedding?

One way we communicated our love story was through the music. We chose songs (first dance, walking down the aisle, grand entrance, etc) that we loved but also explained our love/how we feel about each other.

Another was by writing our own vows and expressing our love to one another and explaining our unique love story.

How did you communicate with your photographer to achieve such an epic gorgeous wedding day album ?

We had an interview with our photographer where we discussed how we were as a couple and our photographer explained her style and it seemed to be a good match.

We also looked at our photographer’s previous work and loved how it looked so that’s another tip when looking for a photographer.

The after ceremony cocktail portion of your wedding looked so fun and relaxed . How did you achieve this ?

My husband and I are very type B, go with the flow type personalities and really were looking for a chilled/ relaxing wedding day which having that expectation helped.

We also think that having a day of coordinator REALLY helped in terms of achieving a relaxing wedding day. Every problem went through our day of coordinator instead of us and she dealt with every issue. This helped us avoid any stressors.

We also planned to have music, and outdoor chill area, and photo booth area that would give our guests a variety of things to do during the cocktail hour.

What were the sources of inspiration for you in planning your day ? 

Our biggest inspiration was planning what we wanted from our wedding. A lot of the times couples want to appeal to their guests but keeping focused on what we wanted from our wedding helped us plan our ideal wedding day.

We also used Pinterest and did some research online when it came to design/cocktail hour ideas.

What is the story of your gorgeous wedding dress ? 

I always wanted a dress that had floral details and some lace so that the image I had in mind. I also knew I wanted an A line as they are the types of dresses that suit my figure best. I went to a few different stores and found this dress. When I tried it on I knew it was my favourite and what I was picturing.

What was the must hear song on your wedding playlist ?

My favourite songs from my playlist were our first dance (Tenerife Sea- Ed Sheeran), our walking down the aisle song (Can’t Help Falling In Love- Kina Grannis) and our recessional song (Woman in White- Current Swell). All songs really explain our unique love story and how really our wedding is more about us as a couple and our marriage than it is about the actual day.

How would you describe your wedding design and how did all the elements work so well together from your wedding bouquet to the table scape design  ?

I would describe our wedding design as garden themed with hints of rustic. I loved the idea of simple and elegant and went with a white/green/mauve colour story. When it came to the flowers I knew I wanted roses and eucalyptus and told my florist that and the colour story.

I loved the floral and simple design and my husband enjoys rustic designs so we combined our visions together and created something unique for us.

What surprised you the most about your wedding day experience?

Honestly, I was most surprised by how relaxed the day was and how smoothly everything went. I have to give a huge shout out to all of the vendors that made this possible!