Ilana and Sasha’s intimate romantic love filled Berkeley Fieldhouse wedding  shared by their photographer Maria Sergeyev photography.
black and white photograph of bride and groom in rustic garden
What are some of the key elements that make up an exceptional wedding day portrait?

I think the key to an exceptional wedding day portrait is planning out the day and the details.

Organization leads to great results when no one is rushed, we have an amazing setting and of course the beautiful couple who is radiating love.

bride with bouquet in rustic setting

bride and groom hugging in outdoor setting infront of a treehouse

bride and groom dancing black and white photograph in riustic garden venue

bride and groom rustic wedding venue

How would you describe your photographic style, or genre of photography?

My photographic style is a blend of photo journalism and portraiture. A healthy dose of each 🙂

rustic outdoor wedding venue ceremony set up

bride and groom romantic portrait in rustic venue

black and white wedding portraits bride entering wedding reception

wedding reception in modern venue with rustic details

bride and groom walking into wedding reception venue

bride and groom in wedding reception sharing a toast in modern venue

bride and groom giving wedding speech in modern wedding venue

bride and groom sitting in wedding reception hugging

wedding venue reception picture

black and white wedding portrait wedding dance

What were some of Ilana and Sasha’s biggest priorities for their day and how did you highlight these priorities in your approach to photographing the wedding day?

Ilana and Sasha had a clear vision of their wedding day and I think they brought it to life perfectly with the choice of venue, decor and their attire to name a few. Before the wedding we shared some idea and visions through Pinterest and I had a clear image of how they wanted their day to look. They wanted to make sure that we have enough time for portraits and to capture the atmosphere of the ceremony. We also had a lot of fun during family and friends portraits!

bride about to walk down aisle in outdoor rustic wedding venue

close up of bride and groom getting married in outdoor ceremony

toronto wedding ceremony_wedding day details

bride puts wedding rind on groom in outdoor intimate ceremony

bride and groom kissing in outdoor rustic venue

newly married bride and groom walking down aisle in outdoor rustic ceremony

newly married bride and groom kissing in intimate outdoor ceremony

wedding portraits bride and groom in urban garden

You took some gorgeous wedding day portraits in the Berkeley Church. How did you plan for this and what choices did you make for planning this success?

Thank you! The space is truly special and I Instantly fell in love with it. I did scout internet for images taken at the venue as well as outside. I even used google maps to look at the area as well as I travelled to the area before the wedding. As soon as I visualize the space I see which shots will work where.

The moodiness and the light at the Berkeley Church were perfect for a little dance and a kiss. Just lots of candid sensual moments between the bride and the groom. The atmosphere adds all the feels!

black and white wedding portraits of bride and groom hugging infant of a vintage window in historic church

bride and groom full length shot in wedding outfits in historic church

wedding couple dancing in historic church

toronto wedding couple portrait in historic church groom dipping bride in dance move

bride and groom long shot in historic venue

How would you describe the wedding design your couple chose and what was were some of your considerations for photographing all the details ?

The design I think it had moody and warm tones to go with the time of the year the wedding was held. It was definitely boho with a touch of Halloween 🙂 everything was thought  through and blended together to create an experience and that’s what I always try to represent in the images.

Every detail matters: florals, table details, bridal details. I wanted to show the coziness and warmth of these details!

wedding reception in modern venue with bride and groom speech

wedding table setting with rustic decor

close up of bride and groom at wedding table

Are you thinking of both the full wedding gallery of images in addition to the essence of each photography when you take a wedding picture ?

Most definitely! The wedding gallery needs to flow so when the couple looks back they can relive this day over and over again but also each image is a unique special part of this bigger gallery of timeless memories.

bride hugging guest in outdoor venue

bride and groom hugging couple in outdoor reception

wedding party group picture in outdoor venue guests wearing carnival masks

bride and groom view of them walking don stairs in historic venue

bride and groom walking through wedding ceremony venue all set up outdoor venue

Looking back what strikes you as unique and precious about this wedding day ?

Every wedding that I photograph is unique in its own way! I think it is because each couple has their own unique love story! The venue in this case definitely was also a very unique element. I loved the unique architecture, light and atmosphere.

bride in historic venue infront of vintage church window

bride and groom in rustic garden in historic venue


Photography: Maria Sergeyev Weddings

venue : Berkeley Fieldhouse

Make up And Hair: Faye Smith Agency, Malika Khanna Make up and Hair

DJ: Musically in motion

Dress: David’s Bridal (Vera Wang)

Bride’s Bouquet: Tatiana’s Flowers