Whim and Willow Photo ride the line between documentary and lifestyle photography sharing Kath and Steven’s gorgeous wedding day at Berkeley Fieldhouse wedding venue Toronto.

toronto bride and groom in wedding outfits blowing bubbles

It takes a lot of experience and skill on the part of the photographer to be able to be spontaneous as well as enact planned shots on the wedding day. What is your experience with this idea?

Having a balance of gentle guiding and directing throughout the day but also standing back and letting things breathe and play out naturally is so important to what we do. Oftentimes we find that when we deliver a gallery to a couple they see things documented that they had no idea were even happening! Just goes to show you how powerful a thing it is to hang back and observe!

bride in wedding dress and heart shaped sunglasses blowing bubbles

What about this wedding day makes you smile when you think about it?

How close the couple’s friends and family group are! You could seriously feel the love in the room during their ceremony and reception, and even we were getting teary eyed during some of the speeches! We also know Kath + Steven through this industry, so that made everything feel extra special to us!

bride and groom in backyard standing back to back for first look

bride and groom first look in backyard

bride and groom seeing each other in their wedding attire in back yard smiling and smiling

close up of vintage wedding dress

bride and groom in wedding outfits at wedding venue talking on vintage phone

bride and groom at wedding reception table listening to guest speeches

bride and groom dancing under vintage chandeliers

How did having shot at this venue before affect your process? 

Being familiar with both the venue and the surrounding area helped out a lot with not just planning for this wedding, but also taking a lot of the guesswork out of things because we knew what to expect.

toronto bride and groom hugging on urban street with brick wall and neon storefront in back

black and white photo of couple on urban street at telephone booth inferno of empty lot with graffiti

It’s also super important to us to not just “copy + paste” ideas when shooting at a venue we’ve shot before, which means we always try to keep things unique + authentic to the couple we’re shooting!

bride and groom standing on urban street on other side of phone booth inform of empty lot with building with graffiti

black and white photo of couple in front of venue in wedding outfits

bride and groom in wedding outfits outside venue

bride in wedding dress and bouquet and heart shaped vintage sunglasses standing against brick building on bottom of staircase

bride and groom and wedding party outside historic church venue blowing bubbles

black and white photograph of bride and groom with dog in outdoor venue

bride hugging her dog in outdoor venue

close up pf bride and groom with wedding party

What kind of “ film camera “ do you use?

We use a 33mm Pentax Spotmatic camera for film.

woman sitting on edge of bathtub wearing dress shirt in vintage film style

black and white film photo of groom stamina inform of window

vintage wedding shoes

bride in wedding dress looking into mirror vintage film look

What is most significant aspect of offering your clients an authentic film photography option to their album?

While not something that we specifically offer as part of our wedding photography packages just yet, we’ve been experimenting with film photography this wedding season as a fun little surprise to give our couples when we deliver their wedding galleries, as well as a way to challenge and inspire ourselves creatively.

bride walking down aisle with mother and father in vintage film look

wedding ceremony in outdoor venue view of bride and groom and officiant over the shoulder of seated wedding guests

bride and groom newly married in outdoor venue raising their hand up with wedding party in background

bride and groom at wedding reception with colourful flower and paper garland behind

What we really appreciate about film photography is how you really don’t know how an image turned out until you develop the film and get the prints – we’re just as surprised as our couples are when we get to see the results! As much as we love the ease and zero guess work of digital photography, we’re really starting to appreciate the rawness and imperfection of film photography and how it acts as a counter balance to what we do. At this point we still haven’t decided if we’re going to officially have this as an offering when couples book with us, but it’s safe to say that we’re going to keep experimenting with it!

bride standing in doorway in house in wedding dress filmed in vintage camera film

bride and groom standing on porch in their wedding wardrobe

black and white photo of bride and groom running down street

black and white photograph of bride and groom walking down street


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