Jennifer van Son Photo shares Kevin & Chelsea’s special Berkeley Feldhouse intimate wedding filled with Love and beauty.

over the shoulder shot of woman looking out over a city skyline

What three words describe the wedding experience of this gorgeous wedding ?

Joyful, heartfelt, FUN

behind view of bride and groom walking down city street with flowing wedding dress in frame

man walking down aisle of outdoor wedding ceremony patio with dog

How would you define the characteristics of an epic wedding portrait ?

To me, the best wedding portraits tell the world something about the wedding and the couple.

They should flow with the rest of the day and make sense in context with the whole vibe. To me, the most epic wedding portraits are found in great light and in context when the couple is comfortable and being their truest selves together.


Reflecting what was truly unique about this wedding day ?

Kevin and Chelsea had to postpone their wedding several times due to the pandemic. This wedding was so special because it was one of the first where we could gather again in 2021!

They had family travel in from all over, this was a big deal and we witnessed some really sweet reunions. Beyond that, Chelsea & Kevin made sure their guests had a great experience even without being allowed a dancefloor. They had some talented musicians playing throughout the evening which was pretty great after we’d been missing live music for so long.

On a personal note, an unexpected highlight for me was hanging out with the guys at the Crow’s Nest Barbershop in Kensington Market. They had a last-minute opportunity to get a trim when salons had only just been permitted to open. The guys at the shop were kind enough to let me photograph our groom & his best pals in their space.

What choices did your couple make on their planning process that you can identify as vital for the success of the day ?

The biggest thing these two did to help their day succeed was hiring Jasmine from All That Jaz Weddings to help them plan and execute their vision. With so many ever-changing restrictions, planning was a handful and Jasmine was able to make sure everything was perfect. She’s a total rockstar!

What is your process for selecting spaces within a venue to utilize all the qualities the space has to offer ?

Light is always my number one factor to determine whether a space will work for portraits. Beyond that, interesting architecture, open spaces, big walls with negative space, and decor details are all considered.


Photography: Jennifer van Son Photography

Venue: Berkeley Fieldhouse

Planner: All That Jaz Weddings

Florist: Hunt + Gather

Stationery: Ink + Aisle

Alterations: Tanis Emmett Wedding Style

Barber: Crow’s Nest Barbershop

Live Music: Wing Night

Hair/Makeup: Mercedes Lee Beauty