A Modern, playful, romantic Toronto wedding shared by in love couple Zoë and Mac and their talented Photographer.

bride in wedding dress infront of vintage bus drinking champagne

bride and groom walking in wedding outfits in historic brick neighborhood

bride and groom hugging in modern venue mirrored hallway

In conversation with Zoë

How did being a designer and illustrator inform and influence your wedding?

I think it helped me narrow in on what I wanted. There are so many different kinds of weddings and places to take inspiration from but I knew I needed to pick a style rather than trying to mix and match too much.

wedding poster in modern venue

wedding graphic in modern venue

wedding ceremony design in modern industrial building

Once we confirmed the venue, I tried to match the event design to the industrial space.

wedding caveat modern venue

I definitely made a mood board or two that I could share with my wedding planner (The Event Design Co.) and florist (Pictus Goods) so that they knew what I had in mind. It was really satisfying to see my vision for the day come to life in a tangible way since my day job involves digital design.

What three words would you use to describe your wedding style?

Modern, playful, romantic

bride and bridesmaids celebrating with champagne

bride and groom and wedding party popping open champagne in historic venue

wedding party drinking champagne in vintage bus

bride and groom dancing at reception in modern venue

bride and groom dance in modern venue in black and white

What is the story of your stunning wedding dress?

My dress is from Park and Fifth. I actually went into their Toronto location last year with just one friend to check out their dresses that I’d been eyeing online. I thought I’d try on a few as a starting point but ended up really loving one of them and placing an order for it the next week. It felt really good to knock off one of the many decisions I had to make about the wedding so quickly. As for the topper that I wore, my friend and fellow designer, Hannah Reid, handmade it for me – I hadn’t found what I was looking for in the off-white colour of my dress so I asked her if she could create a piece for me. She ended up finding the perfect material that we based the design on.

bride in wedding dress standing by window with her mother holding the trail of the dress both are smiling

bridesmaid doing up back of brides dress in dramatic lighting and black and white

bride in dressing gown holding up her dog

What was your process for choosing your vendors for the day and working with them during the planning stages? 

Some of my vendors I knew personally or came recommended by friends so it was great to have them involved. I made sure that the vendors I chose had examples of work that was similar to the styles I was going for so that it was easy to get on the same page. I tried to provide a solid direction but also trust them to do their job – after all, I picked all of them because I loved their work. I also relied on good old Google and reviews, and Instagram to discover vendors in the area like my officiant (The Marrying Lady) and wedding planner. I worked with Katie from The Event Design Co., who helped with vendor sourcing and communication, too. It was great to have someone with industry experience who could help us navigate the wedding world. She had also worked with Berkeley many times before!

side shot of bride walking down aisle in modern venue

wedding ceremony set up in modern venue with circular floral hoop and industrial ceiling lighting

wedding guests sitting for ceremony in modern venue

How did you find your photographer and what were some of the ways you synched up your vision for the day? Secondly,  what were your thoughts when you first saw your epic sneak peek album? 

I knew Rachael (Rachael Reid Weddings) from back when I attended a course at a school she was working at in 2016. I’d followed her work since then and previously done a personal branding shoot with her so I was really hoping she’d be available for my wedding, and luckily, she was! I love Rachael’s style for both weddings and commercial work, so I basically told her to just do her thing and let her creativity flow. We absolutely loved the sneak peek album and got so many compliments on the photos.

wedding party and bride and groom in modern venue posing for group portrait

We just recently got the full album and the photos are so beautiful, artistic, and fun and capture the day perfectly.

wedding party in modern space

wedding officiant taking selfie of wedding party

In conversation with Rachael Reid 

The tone and feel of the album is so succinct, stylish and cohesively integrated. What do you attribute to this seamless success? 

As far as the style + integration, I think a lot of this is owed to Zoe’s eye for design and the elements she chose for her day! Every styled element fit so nicely together, so it felt relatively easy to put together a cohesive + consistent album for her and Mackenzie.

peach and pink flowers in bouquet

close up of florals on circular wedding ceremony alter

What were some of the most remarkable choices your couple made for their wedding day and how did you respond by capturing them ?

I think the first thing that caught my eye was probably the floral work at the venue, by Pictus Goods! Such beautiful and modern elements woven together in a really tasteful way – it was so much fun to capture. Zoe and her wedding party also got ready at The Broadview Hotel, which is such a gorgeous venue choice and led to some really lovely shots.

Overall, the wedding had a really perfect ‘modern 70’s’ feel to it – the bride’s dress and groom’s suit had some vintage elements, disco balls placed tastefully with the florals, and the vintage bus outside of the venue. Once I arrived at the venue and saw all the elements coming together, I decided to incorporate a few stylistic shooting methods that to me feel very film-like and vintage. I could tell what vibe Zoe + Mac were going for, and I wanted the images to compliment the vision! I had a lense filter with me, that gives some of the shots a softer feel to them – similar to an old 35mm camera. I also chose to use some motion blur in some shots as a stylistic element, as well as direct flash, both elements that I felt complimented the overall modern 70’s vibe of the wedding. I knew beforehand that Zoe was very open to getting some fun creative shots from their day, so I felt comfortable working in some more creative shots into their day.

wedding dress_wedding

bride in wedding dress with bouquet

bride and groom at wedding ceremony saying vows

bride and groom saying vows infant of circular floral decor with wedding officiant

There is such a great balance in the wedding day portraits between a candid documentary style with a glamorous editorial look. How did you achieve this ?

Part of this comes down to great planning and a good amount of timing in the day to capture the wedding portraits! I always appreciate working with experienced wedding planning teams (such as The Event Design Co) as they definitely know the importance of timing for great wedding photos.

bride walking down aisle with her parents in modern instil venue

groom walking down aisle with mother in modern venue

groom walking down aisle in modern venue

bride and groom saying vows with wedding officiant

bride and groom in modern wedding venue

bride and groom walking down wedding aisle in modern venue

I think the balance between editorial and documentary style images is always something I work towards when I am shooting weddings.

bride standing infront of brick building in wedding dress with bouquet

toronto bride and groom first look bride walking up behind groom

groom seeing bride in her wedding dress in modern industrial distillery district

bride and groom hugging in historical setting

bride and groom walking through historic district bride holding bouquet above her head

bride and groom stepping out of vintage bus

I love shooting editorial style portraiture on a wedding day, getting some stylized images is always fun. But at the same time I am always keeping in mind that a wedding is a very personal event and a big life moment – I want to make sure I capture a lot of candid documentary shots as well. I always want to make sure the couple can re-live the overall feeling of their day!

bride and groom walking with wedding party in historic district

bride with her wedding party in black and white

bride and groom infront of vintage bus

How does working with your photography also in a commercial and creative field influence your wedding photography ? 

I think working outside of wedding photography with my commercial work keeps my eye fresh, and keeps me inspired! I draw a lot of inspiration for my wedding photography from editorial fashion photography, especially campaigns that are shot outside or on location. I think working in commercial photography has also pushed me to keep testing new things and keep being creative, something I try to do for my wedding clients as well.

Working with commercial clients has also taught me to pay very close attention to what the client wants, and what sort of visual inspiration they have – and this is something I try to pay attention to with my wedding photography clients as well. I try to get a sense of the unique elements each couple has planned for their day, so that I can capture the day in a way that fits them best.

groom and groomsmen in wedding attire jumping in the air in historic neighborhood

behind shot of bride and groom in historic venue- bride holding bouquet above head

Photographer : Rachael Reid Photography

venue: Airship37

Officiant : The Marrying Lady

The Event Design Co

Bride and  design services: Blend Design 

florist (Pictus Goods)

wedding dress : Park and Fifth