Thru Kats Eye Photography explores her experience documenting an Elegant dramatic Art Deco wedding style shoot at La Maquette event venue Toronto.

wedding table styled in Art Deco venue with lots of styled balloons

bride in wedding dress standing in Art Deco building holding her dog

What inspired you most about this styles shoot ?

For this particular shoot I was so inspired by Derek Drapula. After working for the last few years on countless weddings, it all come to a halt with the pandemic. Before he entered into a once again busy wedding season, Derek wanted to create a unique installation of a bold innovative setup captured to inspire future brides and couples getting married. He had a diverse vision and reached out to some of his favorite vendors. We all collaborated with his design suggestions and were pretty much given creative control to bring his idea to fruition.

styled wedding table with white flowers and candles

bride sitting at wedding redeption table in Art Deco building

Like anything special, countless hours went into the planning and preparation for this shoot to create an experience at the La Maquette venue.

styled wedding table with black and white decor

toronto bride standing in cinderella solarium

bride standing on staircase in Art Deco building

What attributes does la maquette have as a venue that you feel create favorable opportunities for photography ?

La Maquette has a Contemporary and Art deco feel on the main floor with black and white features that compliment anything you bring décor wise into the space. Follow the winding staircase which leads to the upper level which is a bright and airy space with a romantic feel. It is an ideal location that offers multiple vibes and so much potential for diverse, unique images. The location also couldn’t be better with an urban landscape right outside the front door. Another option for fantastic photos!

bride standing infront of vintage gate infront of a streetcar with a vintage church behind it

toronto bride standing outside Art Deco venue with bicycle going by

What do you hope is the outcome from participating in a styles shoot and what does the process

itself add to your professional life ?

It was an incredible experience for all of these vendors to come together. Especially after the last two years with countless weddings being cancelled or put on hold due to the pandemic. This was an amazing opportunity to jump back into the wedding scene and collaborate with others. For myself, participating in a creative shoot like this was a unique opportunity to build new connections with other people in the industry. It’s also important for me to get some insight into new perspectives and hopefully spark my imagination and passion for photography in a unique and more creative way.

wedding table styled with black and white elegant decor and flowers

bride in wedding dress reflected in antique mirror in Art Deco venue

two brides standing in Art Deco venue with wedding designs

toronto bride sitting infant of window in Art Deco building

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