Megan and Mike share their epic Love story celebrating friends,  family, marriage and the excitement of their soon-to-be baby girl.

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“What should young people do with their lives today? Many things, obviously. But the most daring thing is to create stable communities in which the terrible disease of loneliness can be cured. “ Kurt vonenegut

What do you think of this quote? Specifically how a wedding can celebrate relationships.

After having to postpone our wedding reception for 2 years, it was not only a celebration of our own relationship and marriage. It was truly a celebration of friends and family finally being able to come together, see each other again. So much has changed over the past 2 years – many important moments were missed or quietly observed in lockdown or quarantine. We wanted to celebrate everything that we had all missed during the pandemic!

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What is the experience of having this very significant and momentous parts of your life documented so beautifully?

Ryan Bolton once again did an incredible job, capturing our day so perfectly. Of course, there is the significance of capturing these special moments with our friends and family. But also, of capturing this very new and exciting chapter in our lives as our family grows! We are thrilled to have this phase documented and we look forward to showing these photos to our soon-to-be baby girl in the future.

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Expecting a child and planning a wedding reception! How did you do it so well?

It was a busy time, for sure! But we were united in our vision of what was important to us and what we wanted from the event. And maybe pregnancy puts things into perspective for you and makes you more decisive, haha.

We also couldn’t have done it without our incredible and talented vendors, many of which were so understanding over the course of the pandemic and worked with us to postpone supplies and services to 2022.

Iris Li of Blue Lavender Events had been working with us for about 3 years (thank you COVID!), starting first with our original 2020 wedding plans, pivoting to an intimate wedding ceremony in June 2021, and then finally to our big party this past June 2022!

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While the pandemic caused a lot of grief and heartache when it came to our plans, we always felt extremely supported as she guided us through the ever-changing restrictions, protocols, plans, etc. At the end of the day, we truly feel like we got the best of both worlds: a beautiful, intimate ceremony last year and the best reception/party/reunion EVER this year!

She is professional, very detail-oriented, creative, and an overall gem of a human being.

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What are some of the most memorable and significant outcomes of celebrating over a longer period of time the start to finish of your love story?

As mentioned, we truly feel like we got the best of both worlds with a small, intimate ceremony in 2021 and our big party in 2022. We got to stretch out the celebrations over the course of a year. And there were moments that likely wouldn’t have happened if our normal 2020 wedding was able to proceed/the pandemic hadn’t happened.

For example: last year, all our friends and family submitted videos of their well wishes. These were edited together into a movie that we watched outdoors in the backyard on a big screen with a projector. It was legitimately like a full-length feature film there were so many clips! And we now have that forever as a memento of our 2021 COVID wedding day.

This year, it was celebrating with family and friends without the added pressures of your typical wedding day. Everyone was fired up to be able to party together again. And we got the bonus of the baby bump photos! Our own mini maternity shoot. 😊

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This is part three of generously sharing your stunning unique wedding experience in an interview where you shared your insights and behind the scenes of the success of your day. What additional advice you would offer a newly engaged couple?

There’s always going to be outside pressure of what your wedding day SHOULD be, and you may feel like you need to please everyone or be bigger and more grande than the last wedding. But at the end of the day, it’s about you.

Do what makes you happy and incorporate the elements most important to you.

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What is the story of your beautiful reception dress ?

I got my dress from Park & Fifth Co located here in Toronto! I went into their boutique earlier on in my pregnancy, knowing that I would be bigger by the time of our reception. Their team was so lovely and helped me find a dress that was flattering and comfortable, and that would still look amazing with a 6.5-month baby belly!

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What three words would describe your reception experience ?

Memorable. Festive. Exciting. 

Literally, the most fun! 

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toronto bride and bridesmaids dancing in modern venue

And a huge thanks to our other vendors for their exceptional service and support:

Ryan Bolton Photography

Airship37 and the Berkeley Team (of course!)

·Divine Furniture (we love Steve!)

Blue Lavender Events

Park & Fifth Co

Cool Green & Shady

Robbie & Matthew

 Allyssa Helm Beauty & Co