Jennifer and Derek’s stylish joyful modern industrial wedding shared with photographer Magnolia Studios at Berkeley Events Toronto venue.

black and white photos of wedding couple walking into modern wedding reception

How do you so effectively express your couples personalities and unique relationship through your photographs?

I’m a lucky photographer to have couples who have a great vision for their wedding and of course, great taste and style.  J&D mentioned to me that they wanted their wedding guests to enjoy the day as much as possible.  A more go with the flow approach rather than a jam packed timeline racing towards keeping everything on track.  That is so up my alley and I 100% agree with this approach! It is the best way to ensure that you will experience the day in the moment rather than racing through it, which in turn allows for unexpected photo opportunities, off the cuff candids where capturing their personalities becomes inevitable.

bride and groom dancing in park

bride and groom standing in modern venue patio smiling at each other

My best tip for creating a day that allows for this is to have buffer time in the day.

If something runs behind (like traffic or something unexpected) no stress! You can use some of the buffer time.  Everything going as planned? Great, there is extra time to catch some photos with your high school friend group or take some fun candid couple photos by The taco bar, or pop some champagne with your wedding party or family.

bride and groom tasting with champagne in door way of modern industrial building

bride and groom walking out of modern venue onto patio to join their guests

How did your couple so perfectly blend their style and communicate their love through the choices they made for their day?

I was amazed by the creative touches throughout this wedding. They had an illustration of themselves drawn up and had stickers made, a big welcome sign with the illustration as well as a custom beer label.

groom in orange suit and sunglasses standing in driveway of modern venue

J&D mentioned how important the time with their friends and family was to them so the main focus and goal Of the wedding was to create a timeline with a nice flow where they could experience that as much as possible.

How has the experience of working with your couples through all the phases of the pandemic effected your outlook of the meaning and process of documenting a wedding?  

Overall it reinforced my belief that the best parts of any wedding happen in the discovery of what the day might bring.

I didn’t have a couple who regretting having a smaller wedding during the pandemic once they experienced how amazing their day still turned out.

bride and groom saying vows under floral arch with wedding officiant

What are some of the best ways Jennifer and Derek incorporated customs and traditions from their families into their day ?

J&D planned their day to include their families traditions by having a tea ceremony, which is a tradition of serving tea to their family members as a sign of respect.

bride and groom in traditional tea ceremony outfits against industrial wall

Embracing what is meant to be, however that may look, can lead to the most exciting, fun, and enjoyable moments.  No matter what, the day will be amazing so let go and enjoy the moments that come.

What element of wedding makes you the most excited.

Other peoples’ fun and excitement are still to this day the best part of any wedding for me. I’ve experienced a lot of weddings, and that energy never gets old!

close up of bride holding her bouquet of flowers

couple waling into venue after being married walking through their guests holding hands

bride and groom talking to their guests during reception

wedding guests tasting the couple in modern wedding venue

close up of bride and groom hands showing their rings

Photographer : Magnolia Studios

Helen Sweet Officiant

Rikki Marcone Floral and Event Design

Empire Customs 

Sash and Bustle

Lorraine Makeup Artistry

Waterdown Goldsmith

Venue : Berkeley Events