Natalie Sorichetti Photography shares Meghan and Patrick’s intimate, poetic, joyful Berkeley Fieldouse Wedding.

bride and groom standing in treehouse steps with biridal party

Q: What is the value of capturing a spontaneous image that nobody was expecting?

A: This should be the number one reason you hire a professional photographer for your wedding! Capturing candid, spontaneous moments is what we do.

bride and groom walking down street on urban street

Photographers are the eyes and ears of those honest-to-goodness real-life moments; the laughs, the tears, the love.

With the hustle and bustle of the day, a couple can’t be witness to every single moment, so it’s our job to paint the rest of the picture for them. Nothing makes me happier than to hear that a client, “had no idea I was taking that picture!”, after I delivered their gallery. There’s something very special about being able to preserve that kind of memory.

wedding graphic on wedding poster on stand at outdoor reception

bride and groom first look in rustic outdoor venue

bride looking at camera walking into first look in urban garden venue

first look in wedding venue outdoor garden themed

groom looking at bride in urban garden venue

bride and groom hugging in outdoor venue

bride and groom hugging at first look in outdoor wedding venue

Q: What three words would you use to describe the wedding ceremony?

A: Intimate, poetic, joyful (with a few laughs!)

groom walking down aisle at outdoor venue

groom walking down aisle at outdoor venue

bride and her father walking down aisle in intimate ceremony

black and white photo of back of bride and her dad walking down outdoor ceremony aisle

brride and dad walking right up to the wedding ceremony

bride and groom stand at intimate ceremony with officiant

black and white portraits of bride and groom facing each other in intimate ceremony

bridemades sitting at wedding ceremony sitting in blue dresses holding bouquets

groom reading vows to bride at intimate ceremony

close up of bride listening to groom vows in intimate ceremony

wedding guests in outside ceremony with nature in background

bride and groom holding hands newly married after intimate ceremony

Q: How would you describe the wedding aesthetic of your couple and how best did you capture it?

A: Cool and classic. Meghan and her wedding party donned white, heart-shaped sunglasses that I thought looked really fun so we leaned into that. If the day had been overcast, I don’t know if the sunglasses would have had the same effect, but there was just something about Meghan and her party strolling down the alley in the bright sun that really worked. There was a balance between that coolness and a classic wedding that resulted in something very effortless.

bride wearing heart sunglasses walking down alley with her wedding party

bride and her wedding party in industrial alley wearing heart sunglasses holding bouquets

bride and groom kissing with wedding party on urban street

Q: What were some of the best choices that Meghan and Patrick made for their day that you feel contributed to the successful wedding experience.

A: Hiring a planner! (in this case, Moonlit Events Co.) If Meghan or Patrick were at all stressed on their wedding day, you’d never know it! Every single detail was handled with great care and attention. In addition to this, the flow of the day was smooth and well-timed, with several opportunities for Meghan and Patrick to fully enjoy spending time with their guests. Having a planner can make this happen for you!

bride and groom giving cheers with champagne to the wedding reception


wedding party giving speeches and guests listening

bride and groom sitting at head table in cane lie reception

wedding guests cheering with champagne glasses at reception table

bridal party walking through wedding reception waving napkins

shot of back of bride and groom sitting at wedding reception

Q: There is a relaxed, elegant and stylish quality to the wedding day portraits. How would you describe your process for achieving this?

A: Work with what you have! If your clients are relaxed, elegant and stylish, those are the qualities you’ll convey in your photos. Most importantly, I don’t force anything that doesn’t feel natural or comfortable. Most folks haven’t been photographed professionally prior to their wedding day, so it’s my job to ensure that every pose and ad-hoc idea feels good for them.

bride and groom t head table in reception

wedding guests at wedding reception sitting at table in lifestyle venue

wedding guests laughing at wedding reception in candle lit loft venue

Checking in with your clients throughout the day is also a great way to get a sense of their vibe. If they’re nervous, pre-ceremony, what can you do to ease their anxiety? Working on the fly is one of the hardest, but ultimately, most beneficial skills you can have in your toolkit. Something you planned months in advance with your clients may no longer be opportune when the time comes. Oftentimes, clients look to you for suggestions when something doesn’t go as planned, and if you can pivot quickly and still achieve their desired photographs, you’re winning.

bride standing in rustic doorway in wedding dress

close up of brides face saying vows with her husband

bride and groom in intimate ceremony bride looking over at best woman giving speech

bride and groom newly married walking down aisle om outdoor venue

bride and groom walking into wedding reception amongst guests in loft style venue

bride and groom at wedding reception sitting at head table smiling

Q: “Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever. ” Aaron Siskind What are your thoughts on this quote?

A: He wasn’t wrong. It would be hard not to ‘feel’ something from a photograph that captured a deep emotion like love. You can, quite literally, see it. If you’re lucky, a photograph can arouse something as visceral as touch, smell, taste. For a photographer like Siskind, I imagine this was the case more often than not when dealing in film. Shooting with digital grants a photographer so many more opportunities to capture a moment, while film was/is a bit more mysterious. The resulting photograph could be anything, and there is so much more permanence in that.

wedding dress hanging in window

mother of bride pinning on veil on bride in soft lighting

reflection of bride in mirror smiling with wedding dress and wedding veil

bride drinking champagne with her bridesmaids on outdoor patio

bride and bridesmades sitting on sofa drinking champagne

bride and groom sating on urban street infront of a ttc streetcar

bride and groom sating on urban street infront of a ttc streetcar

bride and groom walking down street with bridal party behind them

close up of bride and groom at wedding ceremony

Q: Do you visualize the image before you take the picture?

A: If I have the time, absolutely! Getting to a venue ahead of the event to scope out the space can give you an opportunity to set up potential shots if the opportunity arises or timing allows. Oftentimes, particularly during the ceremony, a photographer won’t have the opportunity to plan for a spontaneous kiss, tear or laugh which is what makes candid shooting so exciting. That said, finding a location and visualizing what could be captured given the right conditions – i.e. waiting for the streetcar to pass at just the right moment – can be equally as rewarding.

wedding table set of for wedding reception

close up of wedding flower arrangements on a wedding table

table styling wedding table

signature drink graphic in frame on wedding table

scrabble themed wedding decor of bride and grooms name

wedding dance bride with her father in outdoor venue

bride and groom dancing in outdoor venue with string lights

bride and groom wedding dance in outdoor venue dancing under string lights

bride and groom having cheers at wedding reception

Q: How do you achieve dramatic photographs with a classic look?

A: Using harsh light and shadows is a great (and easy!) way to create drama. Meghan and Patrick’s wedding day was super sunny (and hot), so I spent a bit of time wandering the neighbourhood around the Berkeley Fieldhouse to find some shady locations for the wedding party photos. East of the venue, I found a great little alleyway next to a coffee shop with white walls, graphic signs and a bit of greenery. Having a clean-slate backdrop resulted in a classic look that I hadn’t immediately realized we’d be able to capture there, but Meghan and Patrick made an obscure alleyway look so damn cool.

bride and groom stamina in wedding outfits in an urban alley

bride and bridesmaids standing against urban wall wearing heart sunglasses

groom and wedding party leaning against wall in alley

bride and groom posing infront of a white cafe wall bride holding bouquet

Q: You used the natural light available throughout the day beautifully in capturing all the lovely moments. What are some of the best techniques you use?

A: Great question! When it comes to outdoor weddings, you have very little control over the weather conditions. If you have high-sun, you can make use of the shadows. Alternatively, if you get an overcast day, you don’t have to contend with harsh light. Natural lighting; with sun or without, can result in different looks, so it’s really up to the photographer on how they use it. Depending on the client, I may also try to avoid using flash for as long as possible (before the ISO makes things too noisy) to maintain softness in the photographs.

groom with his wedding party in treehouse at outdoor venue

bride and her bridesmaids standing in treehouse with nature backdrop

bride and groom standing facing in treehouse at outdoor venue

bride with her bridal party standing in outdoor patio venue

bridal party taking selfies at an outdoor wedding venue

bride and groom standing outside on street at wedding venue

Photographer: Natalie Sorichetti Photograph

Venue: Berkeley Fieldhouse

Florals: Stôk Floral

Planning: Moonlit Events Co.

DJ: Colthrust Entertainment