In Conversation with Nicole Connor about the upcoming Love By Lynzie Pop up Chapel  at the Berkeley Bicycle Club In Support Of The Woman’s College Hospital and Transition Related Surgeries.

How did you choose what charity to support for the June Pop Up Chapel at the Berkeley Bicycle Club?

One of the main focuses of the Pop Up Chapel is to support a local charity in way that will help the community thrive! We chose to have our June Pop Up Chapel take place during Pride Toronto so that we could raise money for a Pride related charity and hosting it at Berkeley Bicycle Club meant we would be close to where the celebrations and parties would be taking place. So having the chapel during Pride and in a Pride central location made it very obvious to the Love by Lynzie team that we would support the Pride Toronto charity which is Women’s College Hospital!

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What makes the Pop Up Chapel perfect for Pride?

What makes the Pop Up Chapel perfect for Pride is that we’re very inclusive and we love to celebrate everyone regardless of beliefs, age, sexuality, etc.! Thus far we’ve married 3 LGBTQ couples and we aspire to marry more and grow within the community.

Pride Toronto

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What are some of the reasons that couples participate in the Pop Up Chapel?

What’s so great and so unique about the chapel is that every couple’s story and reasoning for participating is always a little bit different! Some of the more common reasons we hear are that Toronto is an expensive city to live in and couples are trying to save up to buy a house or travel, that they felt overwhelmed by the planning process and wanted to just do something simple and stress-free with their close friends and family, or that they just wanted something a little out of the norm and less traditional!

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Even though each wedding at any given Pop Up Chapel has the same decor, how do you organize it so that each couple feels like they’re the only ones getting married?

While we can marry up to 10 couples in one day at any of our chapels, it’s incredibly important to us that each couple feels like their time spent in the chapel space is intimately theirs! Even though multiple couples are sharing the space throughout the day, we never want our brides and grooms to feel that when it’s their time to get married. To achieve this, our team always chooses a venue that allows us to keep couples and their guests separate to avoid couples ever running into each other on their wedding day. And while everyone getting married on that day would be getting the same decor, we do offer ways to customize the chapel experience, such as choosing what song will be played by our live musicians for the ceremony processional, choosing the style and colour of the bouquet/bout, and personalized cake toppers.

What attributes of the Berkeley Bicycle Club were you drawn most to when selecting it as a location for the June Pop Up Chapel?
After choosing our date and partnering with Pride Toronto, we knew that the Berkeley Bicycle Club would be the perfect venue for this Pop Up Chapel!

Not only is the Bicycle Club close to where all the Pride action will be happening, but it’s stunning historic look is the perfect backdrop for our couples. We live for all the intricate interior details and the romantic vibe.

The Woman’s College Hospital and Transition Related Surgeries.

Nicole Connor, Planner and Designer at Love by Lynzie Events + Design

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